Micro Speaker
General-purpose speaker : a dynamic speaker applicable to various it devices
Low-band speaker : a micro speaker that achieves such super sound quality optimized for a specific volume
Waterproof speaker : a special waterproof speaker that meets the jis ipx7 standards
- Rated Power (Maximum Power) : 0.7W (1.0W)

- Frequency Range  [Hz] : 500Hz ~ 10kHz

- Sound Pressure Level  [dB] : 92.0 ± 3 dB at 2kHz, 2.37Vrms, in 1cc back Volume

- Resonance Frequency  [Hz] : 820Hz ± 15% at 2.37Vrms, in 1cc back Volume

- Impedance   [Ω] : 8 Ω ± 10% at 2kHz, 2.37Vrms

- Size  [mm] : 12.0mm x 7.0mm x 1.95mm (without cover)

No Model Dimensions Supply Voltabe
(m in-m ax)
Sensitivity @1khz
(dB relV/1Pa)
Output lmpedance
Port Location
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